Professional and impactful video productions

A target audience that sees your brand, hears your message and gets to know your organization. That is what many companies wish for. Video is an effective solution for whatever communication issue you might face. It can spark interest within your target audience, bond them or even activate them. It is a communication tool that creates brand awareness and makes a service or product tangible. SowiesoHelder creates videos with impact!

The effect of videos

For as long as videos have existed, they are a powerful tool. A video combines two forms of art, image and sound. Add a strong story to this and the video can touch the viewer. Humans are visually orientated, which means that a video not only touches the head but also the heart. An audio-visual message will stick better and is, therefore, easier to consume. This makes video a popular communication tool. The majority of web traffic consists of video displays. This makes investing in good video content a sustainable and smart choice.

The advantages of
video marketing

Video contributes to brand awareness, allows you to communicate your brand story and helps with creating bonds. Furthermore, the moving image has a positive effect on the willingness to buy. An impressing 64% says that the chances of purchase are bigger after seeing a video and an even bigger 90% indicates that product videos help them with their decision-making process. Next to that videos also have a positive effect on the online findability of a brand.


Video Production
production made

When making a professional video with an impact you must have the right expertise. A beautiful film doesn’t have the same effect when the goals, essence and distribution have been thought about. SowiesoHelder has a large team full of specialists that tackle your communication issue using a campaign-like approach. A video is a versatile marketing tool, there is a fitting film product for every issue. Below you can find some that we can offer.


Introducing a new project on the market, introducing a service or encouraging behavioural change? Commercials are the perfect tools to boost a brand story or activate the target audience.

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Promotional films

Every service and every product have their own story. Through the form of a promotional film, you can convey this story with an impact. It is a way you can communicate with your target audience purposefully!

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Testimonial video’s

Watch your brand come to live with sincere experiences! Testimonial videos tell the story by using the effort of honest stories and reviews.


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Company films

In need of an impactful business card? A company film communicates what your organization represents and what faces shelter under it.


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Tutorial videos

Explaining an action, demonstrating how a product works, or letting the viewer learn a new skill? Tutorial videos, such as how-to-videos, are a way of introducing your product or service and establishing an organisation as an expert.

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How-to video

Ever learned how to do something using an instructional video on the internet? The answer is most likely a resounding ‘yes’. The power especially in the simplicity you can see exactly what to do.

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Our approach

No production is the same. Every video requires a different approach, a new team composition and a different process. That is why SowiesoHelder delivers customisation. In doing so you are guaranteed a result with a great effect.

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Storytelling in a video

Telling stories, sharing your knowledge and arousing emotions, they are all part of being human. Video is an effective way to convey a communication message.


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