creating your story activating your company


Move people and activate them. With stories. With spot-on communication in fully integrated campaigns. Online. Offline. Internal and external. But above all with emotion.

SowiesoHelder makes integrated campaigns that touch people and inspire them to act. Whether they are colleagues or clients.

StrategyTogether we determine the emotional core of your message…

Concept…to find a story that is surprisingly personal…

Creation…and tell it via communication tools that create impact and move people.


KAB, OGSM, SWA. We have the knowledge of the theoretical models to decide how we convey the message. But our core concern is: how to motivate people? How do we change their behavior? How do we strike the right chord with a clear message? And why are we pitching this story?


A regonizable own approach. Before searching for the means with the most impact, we look for the best, creative translation of the core message. Because a creative concept generates emotion. Makes alpha of beta. Connects the right and left  brain. And gets to the heart.


A clear message cannot go without a surprising image. Here, strategy and concept determine the means. We have a solid foundation in film and events, but are also great in digital and social applications, traditional print or out-of-the-box solutions. From chair to autoped.




Ralf Kohr

Maarten van Griethuysen

Serge van Wijngaarden

Jeroen Alofsen

Britt van Leusen

Kilian Koekenbier