Retail assignment for action communication

Retail is always changing. So is retail communication. POS (point of sale) materials are conceived, created, and distributed in stores and on websites on a daily basis. This also applies to the brands of Henkel (worldwide active in the field of Beauty Care, among others). Think for example of Fa, Schwarzkopf, Taft, Nature Box, Syoss when it comes to beauty and care products. In a daily cooperation with the team of SowiesoHelder new action communication materials are created.

The challenge

Flexibility and the ability to change gears quickly is a requirement. As an agency, we obviously have a lot of assignments that are all running at the same time. By having senior project managers everywhere, in 99 out of 100 cases this runs smoothly and streamlined. With retail clients, speed is of the essence. The client always has to move quickly (and stay ahead of the fierce competition) and so does the agency. In addition, there are so many materials that are produced day in and day out (always with different artwork and different campaign communications, but of course always in the house style), that it is effective to have people on the assignment who have input. In the overall assignment, the partial assignment (from shelf card to hotspot, from wobbler to display, from online banner to advertisement) the visual identity of the brands, technical ins & outs and the process between client and agency and the distribution to all retailers involved, such as AS Watson (KV and TP), Etos, AH, DA and Jan Linders.

Display for products
magazine advertisement
facebook carousel advertentie

The solution

SowiesoHelder opted for a permanent team for the cooperation with Henkel and this extensive retail assignment. At the studio, one designer is responsible for all creation, supported where needed by two colleague designers and a dtp’er. All project management is strictly coordinated by a Senior project manager, and she too is supported by colleagues if a POS assignment requires more than two hands. Moreover, they can always reach out to the studio’s art director, creatives, and the online team. In this way we can guarantee the continuity that is needed, and we can handle the continuous flow of orders as well as ad hoc adjustments. Besides that, we think along creatively about conceptual issues from within the Henkel brands. We also work proactively on new ideas for promotions and campaigns.

The result

A well-established team that operates completely independently and takes over all the creation and handling of the various POS materials from Henkel. All in the right house style and according to the right technical specs. Produced quickly, delivered quickly. It’s also a team that is well attuned to each other internally and runs effectively. Together they take care of all the floor displays, digital newsletters, gate covers, hotspots, online banners, wobblers, magazine pages, key visuals, advertisements, atmospheric images, advertisements, mood pictures, news meters, posters, leaflets, shelf strips and banners.

Or as Henkel says:

‘We have a great partnership with SowiesoHelder, where we have been working with a fixed team for quite some time. They know us and our brands and that works very well. We have short lines of communication, qualitative output and they switch quickly. They work according to our guidelines and at the same time think along with us about how we can achieve our goals’.

And you?

Like to sit down with us yourself to see what we can do in terms of your POS material? Or a broader retail question where we can help? Our creative director/strategist has years of experience at Albert Heijn/Allerhande (and Savory, the American ‘Allerhande’ for Ahold Delhaize USA), Gall & Gall, Etos, DA and is happy to think along.

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