The power and simplicity of the How to video

Ever learned how to do something while using an online instruction video? The answer is most likely ‘yes’. 75% of the people prefer to watch an instruction (How to) video to learn about the possibilities of a product or service. The power of simplicity is the strength which shows you exactly what you need to do. Therefore it is not surprising, the search term ‘How to’ is a very popular on Google and YouTube. But why do people choose to watch a How to video?

The advantages of the How to video

  • Step by step explanation of process or action.
  • Visually attractive and easy to understand what to do.
  • Simplicity of footage and text makes it short and easy to understand.
  • 100% focus on the explanation of a functionality.
  • Video can be paused easily which makes it easier to follow the step-by-step instructions.

For ING we’ve made a serie of How to video’s

The How to video is suitable for

  • Understanding why your product, service or process offers a major user benefit.
  • Showing how your product works in action.
  • Attractively communicating the value of your product to potential customers.
  • Conveying abstract knowledge about a concept or process.

What does SowiesoHelder

  • We’ll produce the video from A to Z, in no time.
  • We have our own studio facilities, producers, motion graphic designers, editors and transcriptionists.
  • A clear step by step process from writing the script to the final delivery of the How to video.
  • Easily we can create complete series, in all kinds of language versions if needed.
  • We offer best value for money.


Would you like to know more about the communicative power of a How to video? Feel free to schedule an appointment with Eric or send an email.