Virtual events: an unforgettable experience!

Inspiring your clients and telling your story? Make colleagues all around the world be able to engage? A live video experience via YouTube or Facebook? Whatever the goal is, SowiesoHelder is creating a memorable virtual event. It is a powerful medium to convey your message. By using the newest technology and creative solutions we engage your target audience in your story. Because make it memorable is our credo!


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What is a virtual event?

A virtual event makes two worlds collide. It is an online event where people can interact with each other. Whether this may be employees, clients or business relations. Our technology makes sure that it won’t be your standard digital meeting. We deliver an experience! We take the audience along on an unforgettable virtual journey in a virtual 3D-world that suits your brand experience.

Possibilities for a
virtual events platform

With a virtual event, you have the same possibilities as an offline event, the only difference being it is online! The hosts interact with your participants, whilst located in a big studio. They welcome the guests, participate in interesting discussions and interact with the audience. Meanwhile, the guests can do what they are used to do at an event, such as networking, live chatting and asking questions. But in this case from all over the world.

of participants


Direction / technique

+- 10 persons

virtual event

Price indication: from 30K

Features of this service:

  • Livestream in 16:9 HD studio-quality
  • An unforgettable experience in the style of your brand
  • TV show vibes
  • Interactive and inspiring
  • Streaming from multiple popular video channels simultaneously
  • Plenary session and parallel breakouts possible
  • Virtual booths of exhibitors
  • Invitation and registration of participants
  • A lot of options for every objective!
  • Possibilities for both big audiences as well as small ones

Online and offline: a hybrid

Want to combine real life and a virtual event? SowiesoHelder offers hybrid events, which are ideal when you have participants that are abroad or have no other way of physically making the event. Important is that the online part is interactive. There also needs to be enough that is triggering the participants to excite and involve them. The right content and technological tools create the experience. This way, no matter where they are located, the audience can choose which participation fits their need, whether this may be from their couch or in the room.

Content on the
virtual event platform

Are exhibitors a part of your event? In a virtual event, they also play a role. A possibility is to give them an individual content page within the platform. Here the participants can find everything about the exhibitor. But also do things like chatting and asking questions. Want to take it even further? Then add 3D options.

Organising a virtual event

Organising a virtual event demands specialised knowledge. The technology has to be flawless; the message needs to come across well and interaction is essential. As SowiesoHelder is working with various specialists and suppliers, we are flexible and can customise it to your likings. Want to learn more about our working method? Read more about our approach to online events.

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Are you curious? Schedule an appointment with Joost via the module below or send an e-mail. We will explore with you which possibilities suit your virtual event the best.

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