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OMRON Healthcare is one of the leading manufacturers of medical devices for therapies and health monitoring. OMRON Healthcare’s mission is to help people around the world live healthy and comfortable lives. OMRON aims to create an environment where they minimize the current medical impact of certain conditions on daily life to provide a better quality of life. OMRON products include blood pressure monitors, vaporizers to treat respiratory problems, scales and body composition meters and body temperature measuring equipment.

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The challenge

Develop a photo and video campaign for consumer retail for OMRON blood pressure monitors and vaporizers, highlighting the benefits. The products should be depicted ‘in use’ as well as product shots. OMRON Healthcare has also developed an app, the OMRON Connect app 2.0. You can link this app to the devices and through the app you can measure and track your progress and share the results directly with, for example, your GP or cardiologist.

Also, a video about the IntelliWrap Cuff: a special pre-shaped cuff that ensures correct measurement at any point on the upper arm. The content will be used on retail platforms such as Amazon, as well as for social channels.

The solution

Our producer developed the brief into an outline breakdown. Based on this, searches for locations, cast and crew were set out. With efficiency and sustainability in mind, five shooting days were planned where photography and video worked together and sequenced. Different views were produced at three locations to ensure a rich diversity of backgrounds that did not distract from what the focus should be: the products. Together with the client, final decisions were made on location, cast, props, and scenery. All photos were retouched and fine-tuned, with extra attention given to the screens. Post-production for the video was done entirely in-house by adding grading, text, premium 3D animation and an appropriate soundtrack.

The result

OMRON Healthcare now has a beautiful series of footage of their entire range of blood pressure monitors and vaporizers. In addition, 2 promotional videos (app and intelligent cuff) to serve consumers via social and retail. These high-quality visuals fit the brand: OMRON, no 1. recommended.

Or as OMRON says:

Mei Polano-van Loosbroek, Marketing Manager: “SowiesoHelder achieved a fantastic result with exceptional professionalism and attention: inspiring and flawless photography, with an eye for detail. The videos turned out exactly what we had in mind; attention-grabbers with a short, clear message, the right balance between product, message and brand. Prior to an excellent result, we are also extremely positive about the energy the SowiesoHelder team put into the production process. Cooperation on set was constructive, everyone was highly motivated and upbeat. Super fun to work together to achieve a beautiful result. We look forward to the next project together with SowiesoHelder!”

And you?

Are you looking for a partner who can provide you with content efficiently? From concept to execution, we take care of the entire process. Our producers prepare the day of the ‘shoot’ so that everyone knows exactly what to do. The result is that on the days of the ‘shoot’ there is then a relaxed atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable, and quality is a logical outcome. If you want to know more about our approach, contact us. We will be happy to tell you more.

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