Online event thats feels like a live event

CAD & Company helps businesses in sectors such as construction, technological and industrial sector achieve the most out of their designs. This could be a 2D-design that is more impactful in a 3D form. Or a design that becomes more appealing by making it interactive and/or animated. The company does this with 365 employees spread out over 6 countries. And they do so with pride! That is why CAD & Company has a yearly appealing event for clients and partners. They prove that they are ahead of their competitors through the use of this ‘business card’! When stricter corona rules where implemented it became a bit tense. On the 8th of October CAD & Company had planned a live event. This could not go ahead. Online was still a possibility, but who could organise and convert this event so rapidly? That is where SowiesoHelder came into play.


Naturally, CAD & Company has a broad knowledge when it comes to digitalising. Furthermore, the company already knew which speakers would perform and what they would tell. So the programme was already clear. It was already known who the keynote speakers would be and what the content was of the 14 different break-out sessions. The only thing that needed to be done was making the online version of the event, named #CU2020, as appealing as its offline counterpart would have been. And that is an art in itself. Especially the experience of an appealing location, professional form and meeting peers were the most important elements of the event for CAD & Company. Elements that are not easily converted from offline to online. But we had the solution for it!

  • The participants were welcomed digitally by the host of the event, Eva de Groot (marketing manager of CAD & Company), in a virtual venue.
  • They were able to look around at the convention, with virtual stands that contained videos, downloadable information and the ability to make a call with the host of the stand.
  • You were able to ‘walk’ to the main stage, which gave you the feeling that you were in an audience.
  • Break-out sessions were accessible by going through a big virtual door.
  • During the sessions, participants could view interesting client cases in the form of a video and simultaneously ask questions to the speaker.
  • Keynote speakers were given a live stream from a special ‘green screen’ studio where the backgrounds were designed virtually and had a live connection with the headquarters.
  • We provided additional interaction through the use of a pub-quiz.
  • All employees of CAD & Company were shown on stream to congratulate the winner of the quiz.


Through the use of this event, CAD & Company wanted to show that even if it becomes more difficult they can still find fitting solutions with digital applications. After all, that is their business. And they succeeded! Together with our partners, we could deliver direction and technology to make the participants a part of the event. Much different from sending and receiving images and videos via Zoom or Teams. Also, we did so in a very short time – around 6 weeks. As a consequence, almost 530 participants were able to attend an inspiring and innovative digital event. This resulted in lovely comments by participants on LinkedIn, such as ‘Well organised and interesting and practical keynote!’ But of course, the main goal is that our client CAD & Company is satisfied with our work. Eva de Groot, who is manager marketing at CAD & Company told us: “In less than 2 months from a live event to an online event… and our first virtual event was a success! We look back on a fantastic virtual #CU2020. Fourteen clients have spoken enthusiastically about how they make the acceleration. And the two inspiring keynotes discussed the subjects comprehensively. It was a fantastic day!“

And you?

An online event is very different from its physical counterpart. Someone that is instructed to watch slides from an hour eventually drops out. The fact that someone is watching from his laptop makes it important that your event is more appealing. By making shorter presentations. By making the content more visual. Or by making the event more interactive by making it able to switch between live streams from different locations, countries or speakers. The viewer must be continuously thinking: ‘Oh, that is fun! That is interesting!’ Try to adapt your content to the feeling you want your viewer to have when he closes his laptop. And start in time! You often see that the organisation of the live event is very busy on the day itself. Making sure that the location is fine, catering, building the decor, welcoming the guests and speakers, arranging the tables… At online events, the preparation takes up the most time, because you have to think about the form and content. Is that something you struggle with? Or are you curious about how we can help you put together and organise an appealing online event? Then call Annemarie Verbeek on +31 6 53 31 17 98. She was the project leader during the event of CAD & Company and has all the knowledge needed to help you.


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