A SowiesoHelder BrandAccelerator© with FNV Agrarisch Groen

Sometimes you have a Brand Accelerator© session where everything immediately falls into place. We often do, but with FNV Agrarisch Groen we had ‘a special click’. Perhaps because of the ‘red’ roots of one of our creatives. Or because of the great social heart of the other. The subject immediately hit home: the often miserable conditions under which foreign workers in the Dutch horticultural industry work.

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The challenge

How do you reach the workers in the agricultural sector and make them aware of their rights? The first huge challenge is the diversity of the target group: youths, flex workers, people with fixed contracts, and namely a lot of working from East Europe. Even though the FNV is keen on welcoming new members, is the recruitment only in the next phase. With the goal of the campaign being awareness. In this phase, there is demand for a strategic concept with ideas for digital as well as physical means to reach the target group. The main message being: FNV knows your sector and is here to help you.

The solution

Firstly, we have added focus to the briefing by clearly framing the target group. The strategic umbrella is for every target group (maybe even for all of FNV), but communication has to be targeted. That is why we focused on the Eastern European flex workers. Then we took the FNV’ers through our BrandAccelerator©. This resulted in an inspiring co-creation session, whence a solid umbrella thought, a sleek plan, and many means arose. Fertile ground, from which we harvest very well!

The result

The strong campaign “Haal FNV erbij”. This means that you should call on FNV because together with FNV you grow stronger. You are certain of having knowledge and competence, and you get the help you need when you need it. So don’t hesitate and call on FNV!
But what we are even happier about: an enthusiastic client that showers us with compliments. That makes our job very satisfying. So, therefore, we like to call on FNV!

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Or as they say themselves…

Irena Marmelstein, communications advisor FNV: “Right on target! Top service and creativity with a capital C”.

And you?

Hitting your target starts with thinking about your approach, then developing your strategy and formulating a plan of attack. By establishing clear frameworks, we can come up with a solid plan based on the objectives. It’s all about knowing what we’re going to do and what we want to achieve. Would you like to tackle your positioning, branding and long-term planning, but have no idea where to start? We’d be happy to help with our Brand Accelerator®



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