Need a new insight? A sales boost? Better brand recognition or a measurable special offer for your product or service? With THE BRAND ACCELERATOR® you can achieve results fast! Led by Creative Strategist Frans Pootjes, you will work in a targeted manner towards a unique solution for your sales or MarCom problem: a workable concept ready to be translated into measurable results.


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Put Your Brand in the Fastest Gear

THE BRAND ACCELERATOR® is a co-creation tool which can be used to reduce the time to market for special offers, introductions, campaigns and promotions by no less than 30%. Your acceleration can be completed within a week!

By and for Growth Hackers

As growth entrepreneurs and concept specialists, we know from experience what you need to achieve results in a targeted manner. THE BRAND ACCELERATOR® was specially developed for marketers that want to accelerate fast. Achmea, Feenstra (Nuon), Danone and Temp Agency Herenbos have already achieved results with THE BRAND ACCELERATOR®.


We live in a world that changes faster than the speed of light. That begs for ideas that can be carried out faster than the speed of sound. THE BRAND ACCELERATOR® was created to:

  • Achieve a substantial sales increase.
  • Generate better brand awareness.
  • Introduce your new product, service or brand.
  • Develop a new product or spectacular service.
  • Increase your customer value.

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Meet Our Accelerators

Frans Pootjes

Frans Pootjes

Independent Creative Strategist and SEO Copywriter. Developed countless successful online campaigns and strategies for brands like Vodafone, Samsung, ABN AMRO, ING Bank and Danone.

THE BRAND ACCELERATOR® was developed by Creative Strategist Frans Pootjes and is an initiative by SowiesoHelder. Frans Pootjes and Joost van Iperen completed the Go Fast Forward programme business accelerator for growth entrepreneurs and have worked in the online marketing and communications industry for years.

Joost van Iperen

Joost van Iperen

Managing Partner at SowiesoHelder carrying final responsibility for clients such as Danone International, Attens Hypotheken, PGGM and NUON.