In a hurry with your upcoming campaign? In need for more leads, better brand awareness or a striking campaign for your product or service? With the BRAND  ACCELERATOR®, as our co-creation session is officially called, you will achieve quick results! Led by our creative-strategy team, you will work towards a unique solution for your communication issue. Already within two weeks after the session, the implementation and production of the resources can begin!

Shift your brand into the highest gear

The BRAND  ACCELERATOR® is a co-creation tool that enables you to significantly shorten the execution of your campaign, action, or new brand story. In four steps we go from briefing to final result, after which all required assets can be produced. The biggest advantage is created by avoiding a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth within the process between client and agency. As concept/campaign specialists, we know exactly what is needed in order to achieve targeted results. More awareness, more traffic and leads, more conversion… together we create the most effective campaign.

Brand Accelerator
Brand Accelerator


  1. You can speed up your campaign or other solution for your communication issue
  2. Time is saved by filtering out unnecessary (hours of) consultation
  3. You will be surprised by our creative input and approach
  4. During the session, you can immediately choose your favorite lines of thinking and ideas
  5. At the end of the session you know where you are at and two weeks later you can already start developing (campaign) assets!


Practice shows that the BRAND  ACCELERATOR® works. We can confidently say that the formula has already worked extremely well for many of our clients. In recent years Syntrus (Achmea), PGGM & CO, Danone Early Life Nutrition, Bouwinvest, Vattenfall, Powerpeers, Feenstra, Hines and FNV benefited by great concepts/campaigns and collaborations as a result of the BRAND ACCELERATOR®.


…… is a creative strategist at SowiesoHelder. Apart from concept development and developing creative ideas, she ensures that your campaign and resources are conceived and produced match the strategy and objectives. Effective communication is her motto.
…is a creative and copywriter. Together with Irpa, he is our permanent BRAND ACCELERATOR® team and in that role he develops campaigns for a wide variety of brands. Serge also provides the proposals we make with a powerful rationale, a catchy brand narrative and/or storytelling. ‘Storytelling, that’s what I do’, he always introduces himself.