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Vattenfall is an energy company with a mission: fossil-free living within one generation. To this end, where relevant they develop new products and services that contribute to this mission. We developed the introduction campaign for the latest products MixGroen Gas and PuurGroen Gas. From concept to content. And with multiple testimonial videos as a basis.

The challenge

As an agency, we work with Vattenfall on campaigns throughout the year. The concrete question for this introduction of their newest products: develop an activating sales campaign for PuurGroen Gas and MixGroen Gas within the guidelines of the Vattenfall brand. The campaign should be broadly applicable (360 degrees, so in all channels) and contribute to Vattenfall’s mission. Consumers should understand after the campaign the difference between the two new products, why Vattenfall is introducing these options for customers side by side and how customers contribute to a more sustainable world by choosing one of these products.

The solution

Of course, any launch of a new product requires clear explanation, especially if it is to be made clear why consumers can and want to choose these products from the existing and new range and what the benefits are. In this case, it also had to be made clear how the two products differ from each other so that Vattenfall’s customers can make an informed choice.

Both new products, PureGroen Gas and MixGroen Gas are a step in the right direction of sustainability. If the customer chooses MixGroen Gas, it is 10% green gas. In the case of PuurGroen Gas, the name says it all: 100% green gas. Hence the general slogan ‘Geef gas op groen’ (accelerate on green gas) for the launch. Not only Vattenfall has sustainable ambitions, customers can also contribute.

To avoid ‘Vattenfall extolling Vattenfall products’, we developed a campaign that sheds external light on the attractiveness of the new products. The core of the campaign consists of three testimonials, in which a producer of green gas (farmer Evert) and two potential customers (Loes and Mike) are interviewed about the new products. With their thoughts on why one or the other product would be a good option for them. These videos were used in a campaign on social media, on several new landing pages and on YouTube.

target + 403%

The result

By ‘broad’casting the campaign and all (video) content we were able to reach various target groups and give the new products a place in the wide range of energy products on offer. MixGroen Gas helps customers who want to take the first step towards sustainability but who also want to keep a close eye on their energy prices. Every sustainable step, however big or small, counts. Other customers who also pay attention to price but have sustainability at the top of their list are more likely to choose PuurGroen Gas. See also the green gas campaign page here.

Now, more than a year after the introduction, based on the figures we can say that both products are doing well. Result: 403% (!) above annual target for CO2 reduction from green gas (Mix+Pure).

So incredibly good score, especially considering the high energy prices in the last quarter of 2021.

It is a valuable observation that consumers appreciate and choose sustainable products, especially when you consider that with the current developments in the energy market, price has understandably become a decisive factor in many households.

Or as Vattenfall says

Simone Neefjes, Head of Marketing Vattenfall: “I have very positive experiences with SowiesoHelder from the GroenGas campaign and previous collaborations. They develop high quality concepts and tools, with a strong balance between creativity and functionality/pragmatism. They always go the extra mile for me as a client and switch quickly. And all this for a competitive price. The best price/quality ratio I have seen in my career. It is pleasant and inspiring to work with them and I always recommend them to all my Vattenfall colleagues.”

And you?

If after reading this case you think that we at SowiesoHelder can do something for you too, then zap further on our website. We develop many different campaigns for many different clients. The specialists in our team are happy to explain and help you with your campaign.

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