Lead generation with a (social media) campaign, webinar and special landing page

Teek Care is the name of the latest campaign by FNV Agrarisch Groen to inform as many ‘workers in green’ as possible (both inside and outside the union) about tick bites and the possible risks. With relevant content, a webinar by a tick expert and personal conversations with FNV advisors. Goal: obviously provide the right information and a free tick remover, but also collect leads. And to propagate ‘Haal FNV erbij’, which is the umbrella above the latest campaigns, for good reason.

The challenge

Over 1 million people are bitten by ticks every year. In most cases they are a nuisance, but 1 in 5 of those ticks carry a bacterium that can cause Lyme disease. People who work in green spaces are at extra risk, especially in the period March to October when ticks are in full force. For this reason, Stigas (who, like the FNV, helps employees to work health and safe) organizes the Tick Week every year, to draw attention to ticks and especially to the risks of being bitten. This year, FNV Agrarisch Groen is joining in again with its own campaign. So, the creative-strategic team at SowiesoHelder was asked how we could use the umbrella campaign ‘Haal FNV erbij’, which we launched a year ago, as the basis for a good sub-campaign that would capitalize on Tick Week and the attention that the subject is already receiving. With the primary aim of collecting leads that can be followed up with personal calls. Not everyone who works in green space is already a member of FNV Agrarisch Groen and therefore probably does not realize the benefits of ‘getting FNV involved’. In short: how can we use relevant context and content to generate promising leads for FNV Agrarisch Groen in and around Tick Week?

The solution

The power of simplicity: we came up with the campaign TEEK CARE. More than a play on words, because apart from proper tick care, Teek Care* in this case means the activating encouragement to both take good care of yourself and to call in the FNV if necessary. As an employee you have duties as well as your own responsibility and rights, which are not always respected as a matter of course. So, the campaign, both on social channels and live at the workplaces, tries to get the right information to as many ‘workers in green’ as possible for whom this is relevant. Through a social media campaign and physical visits by the consultants who start the conversation and hand out Teek Care leaflets, workers are led to a special landing page on the FNV Agrarisch Groen website. There they will first find relevant content, but they can also register for the one-off Teek Care Webinar and/or request a free tick remover (acting properly if you are bitten is half the battle). By filling in the required details, we collect leads to follow up these leads. The more people join the FNV, the more they can do to make workers safe, healthy, and sustainably employable.

* We also registered the concept/campaign name Teek Care immediately because it will be used more often per year (ticks don’t take a break, unfortunately) and for several years.

The result

An appealing campaign! With a clear message, striking key visual and various means: leaflets, webinar, Tick Care bus for live visits, relevant content, free tick removers and a social media campaign in the run-up to and during Tick Week. After Tick Week, the campaign will continue for several weeks. At multiple touch points and through various channels, everything comes together in one place on the landing page. The entire campaign informs and activates: Teek Care. Call out FNV!

The campaign has just gone live, so have a look at fnv.nl/teekcare.

And you?

Do you need a campaign plan that will touch and activate your target group? Our creative-strategic team will be happy to dive into the specific issues with you and come up with a good concept, the resources that go with it and a plan to effectively deploy the campaign.

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