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In need of a hybrid meeting with a wow factor? An event or presentation people will be talking about for a long time?

SowiesoHelder makes it possible to organize meetings both virtually and hybridly with high involvement of participants. Meetings that make an impact!

We have everything for every (hybrid or 100%) virtual event: from concept to direction. Each event requires a unique concept in which your sales and marketing objectives are always our starting point. That is why we work independently with various (technical) suppliers. This way we are flexible and can deliver tailor-made solutions.

Think of an online conference, webinar or pitch for 50 to 3000 participants. We make it a “live show” with a lot of (video) interaction with and between the audience. Also offering a virtual exhibition venue for booths and virtual break-outs to talk in smaller groups including the possibility of voting, a Q&A or discussion led by an enthusiastic presenter.

We would like to take you through the different (technical) possibilities below.

Virtual Event Demo


virtual stage front

Virtual Presentation Screen

A dynamic template, fully customizable to the corporate identity of your company. Your presentation or video is shown on a large virtual screen.

speaker point of view

Presenter display

The studio contains multiple physical screens for your presentation and speaker notes. The presenter will guide you through the presentation.

Social interaction

virtual speakers on stage

Social media posts

Displays your social posts, media and polls from popular social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for greater interaction with your audience.

live commentary during a virtual presentation

Live video calls

Feeds from video conference software such as Zoom make it possible for the presenter to interact with people all over the world. Because of the physical screen, the presenter has eye contact with the participants.

Virtual live audience

Due to the unique live interaction functionality, people from the online audience can be streamed individually on screen. This allows the presenter to answer questions and have conversations.

In addition, participants can be invited via a video conference as a virtual audience. They are shown as live video thumbnails at the front of the stage and on a large projection screen in the studio so that the presenter/host can “feel” their presence.

Participants can thus see the entire audience, just like in a physical public event.

audience from the eye of the presenter
Audience seen from above during a virtual event

Branded environment

We offer different virtual environments to suit the needs of your event, conference or presentation. These can be customized with logo, colors and font to match your brand identity.

wide view of the virtual stage

Custom Design

If the virtual event needs to be truly unique, a custom environment can also be designed to meet specific requirements.

ING podium with a branded design
bmw podium with a branded design

On any device

The output of the virtual studio live recording is in a standard 16: 9 HD video feed that can be streamed to popular video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. For events with a smaller or private audience, we can also stream to video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Skype. All videos work on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Each platform has its own interaction possibilities. The images below illustrate those of Youtube and Facebook.

virtual event can be viewed on any device

Virtual Event Platform

You can welcome your guests in a virtual event location. In this virtual environment visitors can interact with each other by chatting. In addition, they can watch videos and download information prior to the show.

virtual event booth

Visit virtual stands and play pre-recorded videos. Products can be shown in the stands placed in the virtual environment.

talk to other visitors during a virtual event

Talk to other visitors in the event hall or during live events.

Play pre-recorded presentation during the virtual event

Offer informative panels with links to downloadable documents and other content.

Play pre-recorded presentation during the virtual event

Enter the room of the live event and take a seat before the show starts.

Studio corona proof

To ensure a safe working space, the studio has two floors to completely separate the operational crew and presenter. Everything can be controlled remotely.

The recording area measures approximately 8 by 6 meters. Professional lighting is used to ensure the best result. The studio has its own entrance, toilet and supplies for cleaning hands and surfaces.

Our studio for giving virtual presentations

Virtual Events with the wow-factor

Apart from the spectacular technique we add the wow factor to your virtual event, seminar or presentation by seamlessly taking care of the whole from concept, script, presenters, video content and live circuits with external parties.

Are you interested, schedule an appointment with Joost via the module below or send an e-mail.