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Current solution for every marketer who now wants to be able to continue quickly:
The digital communications accelerator©

The Coronavirus not only dominates the news, but it also determines a new way of communicating. Even more digital, even more proactive, and above all faster. We notice it with many of our clients: decided today is preferable to continue working tomorrow. ‘Or is that possible?’


At communication agency SowiesoHelder, we’ve already been working successfully with the Brand Accelerator for some time. This is a co-creation tool which experience has shown can reduce the time to market for special offers, introductions, campaigns and promotions by no less than30%. And that’s still possible now – it’s just that we’re now meeting digitally instead! We’ve deliberately chosen to call our new tool the CommunicationAccelerator©, because we’ve noticed that the COVID-19 outbreak has shifted the focus of many companies from brand communication to more current communication issues. You now want to respond in a targeted way, provide extra services, adapt your current communication at lightning speed, draw attention to new services… And as we’ve already observed, ‘rather today than tomorrow’. So, speed is everything.


Simply schedule an appointment online, and we will call you the same day to schedule the session (using Zoom/Teams/Skype). You’ll meet with the accelerator team (a creative, a strategist and a specialist in video or online campaigns, depending on the issue) as soon as possible online, and we’ll work together to develop a concrete concept within 4-6 hours.
That same afternoon, our experts will get to work so that you can deploy your marketing campaign as rapidly as possible. Whether it’s a video, vlog series, social campaign, custom campaign website or digital newsletter, we’ll help you find the best solution for your marcom issue.


STEP 1: you’ve already taken it by reading this item about our Communications Accelerator©.
STEP 2: plan a briefing appointment (naturally, feel free to call us first if you have a few questions); we will contact you, and can send you a quote tailored to your needs and plan the meeting the same day.
STEP 3: we’ll get together digitally as soon as possible and get started!