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Is the amount of page views your website gets disappointing? Are you not reaching the right target audience? Or is your website not easily found? You can optimise your website’s traffic to get bigger results. For example, through search engine optimisation (SEO), conducting the right site measurements or by having campaigns and advertising. With a fast, but thorough scan SowiesoHelder helps you achieve the best result. Boost your business!

Search engine optimisation: SEO scan

Improve the findability of your website by using Search Engine Optimisation, SEO. During an SEO check, SowiesoHelder is looking at the following three components.

The website’s technology influences its findability

The technology is of the utmost importance when deciding the position of your website in a search engine. Google needs to be able to crawl (scan) your website. After that, Google has to be able to index your website, so read and understand it. An illogical page structure, a slow loading speed, an illogical XML sitemap, a website that is not mobile-friendly, a lot of 404 pages and dead links can contribute to bad performances. SowiesoHelder determines what the bottlenecks are by using an SEO scan and based on that provides you with advice regarding possible optimisation gains.


Content: SEO texts

Another important component that determines the findability of your website is its content. Which terms does your target audience use when searching for information? Is the information you are offering in line with what is wanted to be found? A search terms research gives you insight into what the relevant terms are for your website. SowiesoHelder performs an SEO check and establishes what the quick wins are in terms of content.


Authority by link building

The more links to your page, the more popular and relevant the content is according to Google. Having that gives you a higher organic position in the search engine. Google does look at the relevancy and quality of those links. During an SEO scan, we look at the possibilities regarding link building for your website.

Website traffic campaigns

When the SEO performance is up to par, some methods can boost your website’s traffic. SowiesoHelder looks at your options and advises which tactics would be most beneficial for you. When a customer starts to buy something, travel their own customer journey. The journey of your target audience determines what tactics and channels you are using. Do you want to raise awareness or stimulate a purchase? Methods you can use to support the customer journey are, for example, social media, e-mail marketing and advertising.

Customer journey in Google Analytics

What is the journey that your customers take? Are you measuring the right components? Did you set up the right goals? By getting more insight into your data you can adjust accordingly and optimize the customer journey. There is a reason that people ’if you can’t measure it you can’t improve it! SowiesoHelder helps you with setting up measuring points and performances indicators. Based on that, we implement Google Analytics, do additional research and put out reports and dashboards. New possibilities to reach your target audience arise with these insights. More result with a targeted approach!


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