Increasing your website’s conversion? Do our scan!

A lot of visitors, but not so many conversions? Want to make the most of your website and achieve better results? SowiesoHelder analyses which improvements have a quick effect on this. Get to know the Webbooster and discover the possibilities of conversion optimisation!

Enhancing the user experience (ux)

An important part of a good-working website is the user experience (ux).  Here the functionalities also play a role. Is the website easy to navigate? Can you scroll over the site easily? And are the pages fast enough?  When this is not the case then chances are that visitors drop out early.


But the user experience is more than just the technical aspects of it. It is also influenced by thoughts and feelings the site provokes at its visitors. Think of the visual design, moving elements, call-to-actions and marketing communication. Optimising these components results in the user being tempted to make a conversion.

Content marketing for a better conversion

You might have heard of a buyer’s journey. This is a process that can be divided into three stages that the customer is passing through. SowiesoHelder labels these stages awareness, consideration and decision. To achieve the best result possible, communication must be right. The information they need is different for each stage. Is the customer still orientating or is he/she ready to purchase an item? By adjusting the content to the needs of the target audience your chances of leads and conversions grow.

Digital accessibility: a site for everyone

Is your website accessible enough? One in eight Dutchmen has a lasting disability, such as a visual, mental, psychological, intellectual, or physical handicap. This is a big group of people that would also like to use your information, services or products. So, when optimizing your website, you also have to keep this target audience in mind. Solutions could be an audio reader function, bigger font size and limit the use of flashy elements. SowiesoHelder shows you your focus areas so your website can be accessible for everyone.

How safe is your website?

It is essential that your website is safe and also looks so. That is why it is important to update the site and technological tools regularly. Are you not doing so? Then chances are that sooner or later your site is getting hacked. Does your site have an SSL-certificate? Having one guarantees a safe connection and shows that your users’ data is safe. Visitors can notice this if the lock next to URL is green. Do you not have an SSL-certificate? Then Google warns their users, which can scare off visitors and therefore impair your conversions and gives you a bad image. SowiesoHelder examines these aspects and gives you advice on how to make your site safe.


Do you want to increase the conversions of your site? Or do you want more traffic to your site? Schedule an appointment with Joost via the module below or send an e-mail.

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